I'm looking for a Polish song, probably from the 00's or late 90's. I'm not sure if it was sung in Polish, but I think there were some Spanish words in it (I think). All I remember is that in the music video there was a guy walking down the street, and then he was pulled into a bus and there was some kind of party on that bus. The atmosphere was a bit like it was from Brazil and some guy or a few guys were playing trumpets. There may have been the word "fiesta" in the title, but I'm not sure. The video was a bit in the style of Blue Cafe's "Espanol" or K.A.S.Y.'s "Maczo." (definitely a similar vibe). It definitely wasn't Budka Suflera, as someone has already mentioned it in the past, but the song I'm referring to was definitely more dynamic. I beg you to help