Time Machine of the incorrigible idealist of the 1980s Generation

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Favorites: New Wave/Syntpop, POP, Rock and Alternative, Lyrical. Bands: [Mike Oldfield] Mike Oldfield [Toto] Toto [Bruce Springsteen] Bruce Springsteen [Enya] Enya [Jean Michel Jarre] Jean Michel Jarre [Dire Straits] Dire Straits [Bad Boys Blue] Bad Boys Blue [Belinda Carlisle] Belinda Carlisle [Czeslaw Niemen] Czeslaw Niemen [Anna Jantar] Anna Jantar [Two Plus One] Two Plus One [Ursula] Ursula [Nena] Nena [Electric Light Orchestra] Electric Light Orchestra [A-ha] A-ha [Krzysztof Krawczyk] Krzysztof Krawczyk [Pet Shop Boys] Pet Shop Boys [Limahl] Limahl [Irena Santor] Irena Santor [Edyta Geppert] Edyta Geppert [Bon Jovi] Bon Jovi [Jam] Jam [Queen] Queen [Scorpions] Scorpions [Pink Floyd] Pink Floyd [Antonio Vivaldi] Antonio Vivaldi [Frédéric Chopin] Frédéric Chopin [Neo Retros] Neo Retros [Depeche Mode] Depeche Mode [Europe] Europe [ABBA] ABBA [Deep Purple] Deep Purple [Alphaville] Alphaville [Bee Gees] Bee Gees [Leed Zeppelin] Leed Zeppelin [Boney M.] Boney M. [NENA] NENA

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Fancy - Flames Of Love

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