Artis Leon Ivey Jr.Coolio . The author of the all-time rap hit "Gangsta's Paradise" was 59.

Coolio was found unconscious in the bathroom.

According to the rapper's media m in an interview with the New York Times, the rapper was visiting his friend in Los Angeles. When he didn't come out of the restroom for a long time, his friend became concerned and went to check what had happened. He found the rapper lying unconscious on the floor. According to initial findings, the artist had suffered a heart attack. No banned stimulants were found at the scene and the involvement of third parties was tentatively ruled out.

Coolio and his biggest hit "Gangsta's Paradise".

The artist's biggest hit song "Gangsta's Paradise ", released in 1995, was released on an album of the same name. This recording was featured on the soundtrack to the movie "The Young Angry People " starring Michelle Pfeiffer. It is worth mentioning here that Coolio received a Grammy award for this song.

The rapper was orphaned by six children and ex-wife Josefa.