Well-known actress Katarzyna Figura appeared in a clip to cover the song "Strangelove" by the group Spirit in the Forest, which hails from Wejherowo.

The group Spirit in the Forest was formed in 2020. Its lineup includes vocalist Kamil Podbielski , guitarist Damian Podbielski, bassist Artur Baranowski and drummer Kordian Sikorski. The four musicians decided to tackle the recording of Depeche Mode covers. The hit song "Strangelove " was chosen as the band's first single. The music video featured a guest appearance by Ms. Katarzyna Figura.

We managed to contact Katarzyna Figura and arrange a meeting, during which we presented our idea for the music video. Ms. Katarzyna liked our vision of the music video very much and agreed to work with us

However, the music video itself for this song is supposed to refer to the original Depeche Mode music video which was directed by Anton Corbijn. As turned up by Kordian Sikorski.

It is a song about love and passion. Catherine Figura is a beautiful and passionate woman - a symbol of the 80s and 90s, who reflects this with her acting. Ms. Catherine also has a distinctive voice and sings certain phrases in our cover song in the choruses

We invite you to watch this music video.