The young 21-year-old Warsaw-based artist Zofia Szklarska, known by her stage name Sophie Szklarska, is not idle and is releasing another single titled "Ulubiona." This is the artist's fourth single in her career. So far, the well-received English-language track "To Me" has been released.

"Ulubiona " is a track that strongly refers to my first single "To Me," and I mean both the textual and musical layers. In it I return to a faster and more energetic beat, moving away from the melancholy atmosphere presented in "Obscure" and "In Guise." As for the message, we are again dealing with a kind of dialogue taking place inside my head. I guess I just like talking to myself, maybe it's easier to get to know myself that way.

I've always wondered and got angry with myself why I have a different personality than others, why I'm "weird" in my own way, why I react differently to different stimuli, why I feel more, analyze more and ruminate more? In theory, everything is the same as with others, but nevertheless with me it is always more, stronger and, unfortunately, very often harder. All these questions did not give me peace of mind. I finally understood why this is so, I am one of those people described as highly sensitive, and I am very proud of it! Although it is not always easy, both for me and for my environment.

I appreciate the fact that I can see and feel more, because it allows me to create what I create. That is what this piece is about. I don't want to resemble others, I don't need to be a favorite, I need to be whole.

It is very important for us to accept ourselves and above all to remain ourselves. To be who we are with all the goodness of inventory, and not try to be what others want us to be.

The single was also accompanied by an atmospheric music video created by Dominika Cierplikowska / a graphic designer and designer active in the Polish and Scandinavian markets. A strong influence of northern art can be seen in her work, and the video for Sophie Szklarska is inspired by the atmosphere of Scandinavian crime series. Her credits include videos and animations for Krzysztof Napiórkowski, Martyna Jakubowicz, Jaromir Nohavica, and the band Mjut, among others.

Envite to the music video.