Music video description

On this cold and rainy autumn evening today, Joanna from Warsaw wrote to me, who was looking for a song from the 90's. She had the song itself recorded with what she called other "bedwetters" such as Brian Adams - Everything I Do I Do It For You. She remembered that in the video "some girl was lying in the water as if she had drowned in her dress and a guy was singing over her. There were red flowers in the water and as I remember correctly she at the end opens her eyes and gets up to him". I didn't associate the video myself, but I managed to find out that it is the song "Where The Wild Roses Grow" from 1995 which was sung by Nick Cave together with Kylie Minogue.The song itself, of course, I know and associate, but the video somehow I didn't have the opportunity to watch until now.

With warm greetings to Joanna from Warsaw, now you can sleep peacefully :)

Last edited: 04-08-2023