Music video description

"The Sign" is the fifth single by Swedish band Ace of Base from their 1993 first album "Happy Nation." The music video shot for the song is half black and white half color. The images shown in the video form a short story of a man and a woman sitting next to each other. Suddenly the man leaves, paying no attention to the woman. After a while he returns and presents his chosen woman with a bouquet of flowers. The woman accepts his courtship and together they shake hands. Suddenly a streak of light appears on her face; the woman suddenly disappears leaving the man alone. This is another song by this band that became a hit, ranked 51st on Bilboard's All Time Top 100 list, and was also included in the soundtrack of the TV series "Full House." Feel free to check out Ace from Base's music video - The Sign.

Last edited: 16-07-2023