Music video description

The Kelly Family is a family band formed in 1974. Over several decades, the band's lineup has changed, but it has always consisted of a family, often of different generations. The group's output consisted mainly of pop and folk music. The group's biggest successes were in Germany, the Benelux country, Scandinavia, Spain and, of course, Poland. Officially, they sold more than 20 million of their records, but there were certainly many more because they also sold them at their concerts, which were attended by tens of thousands of their fans. It is worth mentioning that The Kelly Family ranked 6th in the ranking of the most popular band of the 1990s in Germany. Despite their American roots there, the group is very little known there, it was in Europe that they gained fame and notoriety. In 1996 they released their ninth album entitled Almost Heaven and the first single that promoted it was the song I Can't Help Myself. It was the band's biggest hit from that album and the second best of their entire career. The first was The Kelly Family - An ANgel, which I presented to you in a previous post. Feel free to check out the music video for "I Can't Help Myself."

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